What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is an experienced professional that provides professional bookkeeping, administrative, technical and creative services to small businesses and sole traders.

VA’s are self-employed, independent contractors that work from their home office. This allows their clients to save on overhead costs of employing staff, providing office space, equipment and training.

What does a VA do?

Typically, a VA covers a variety of tasks. At Davis Virtual Assistants we provide the following services:

  • administration services;
  • bookkeeping;
  • database management;
  • desktop publishing;
  • diary management;
  • e-newsletters;
  • event planning;
  • project management;
  • social media management;
  • time management/booking appointments; and
  • website creation and updates.

Integrity, confidentiality, professionalism

A good VA will perform a task as required. An exceptional VA will add value and perform their task in the most professional manner possible. At Davis Virtual Assistants we go above and beyond for our clients and most importantly we fiercely protect our client’s valuable intellectual property, private and privileged information, and ensure the tasks we perform allow our clients the freedom to do what they do best – run their own business.

A VA is entrusted with passwords and access to their client’s business information, records and financial matters. It’s so important as a VA to protect this information, keep it secure and never reveal or discuss with anyone, your client’s confidential information or business practices.


The years teach much which the days never know. Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are proud to say we have over 20 years’ experience in the workforce. We’ve seen technology changes right from the early beginnings of the electric typewriter to laptops, paper-based journals to cloud-based accounting software and we’ve worked with them all. But it’s not just the fundamental changes in workplace equipment and practices we’ve experienced, it’s the one-on-one contact, building client relations and earning the trust and friendship of clients that can only come from experience that really makes the difference.

We work hard at learning our clients’ business, how they tick and we adapt accordingly to their needs and work practices.

An exceptional VA will not just perform the work, they will build long-lasting client relationships where they can be trusted and relied upon to contribute to the success of their client’s business.

Skills and work history

A Virtual Assistant will be highly skilled and have worked in the non-virtual world. VA’s come from all backgrounds such as personal assistants, customer and technical support, editing and publishing, and sales and marketing.

We work remotely from our home office and often outside of normal business hours so you can be sure the task you require is done promptly and efficiently. We undertake our own training and continued professional development on a regular basis ensuring that we keep up-to-date with the latest technology, software application and bookkeeping rules and regulations.

Tools of the trade

A VA must have a good strong internet connection with modern and up-to-date computer equipment. Most VA’s work from their home office and will need an ABN (Australian Business Number), website, a strong social media presence and most of all, a good reputation. Word of mouth is invaluable!

The future

As workplaces change and evolve, small businesses and sole traders will increasingly rely on the dedication, skills, knowledge and expertise that a Virtual Assistant can provide.


Are those piles of paperwork getting in your way yet?

Piles of receipts and invoices can quickly turn into a mountain of paperwork. While you are running your own business you don’t have time to file or keep track of it all. It’s overwhelming and can easily get out of control.

DavisVA will assist you in reducing your paperwork nightmare quickly and easily.

Our bookkeepers will help you solve this issue by scanning all your receipts and invoices to PDF, and while we enter the information into Xero, we upload each document to the relevant transaction. Your mountain of paperwork is now digitized, easily accessible and no longer takes up valuable space on your desk or office floor. That mountain of paperwork can now be shredded.

Just another way we can help you forget about your admin/bookkeeping duties that most business owners face late at night or haven’t the time to do.